Staff Password Resets

To change your password from outside of the HCPS network (or from a non-HCPS issued device)

  1. Go to Microsoft's Office 365 Password Reset Portal:
  2. Log in with your Microsoft account name ( and NOT your full email address.
  3. Type in the characters displayed on the screen, then click Next or press Enter. Microsoft password screen step 1
  4. Select the first radio box (I forgot my password). The second box will not allow you to change your password, so even if you know your current password, use the first option to reset it. Click Next. Microsoft password screen step 2
  5. Choose an option to verify your identity from the selection at the left (this may look different for you than what is displayed below based on the security settings you have set up in your Microsoft Office account. Verify your account per the directions. Microsoft password screen step 3
  6. Create your new password. Remember that all passwords MUST
    • Have at least one uppercase letter
    • Have at least one lowercase letter
    • Have at least one number
    • Have at least 14 total characters
    • NOT be any password you have used in the last 24 passwords
    • NOT include part of your username
NOTE: Your computer sign-in will not accept the new password until your device has connected to the HCPS network. Until then, continue to use the old password to sign-in to the computer and the new one for everything else.

If you do not remember your old password to login to your device, you can drive to any HCPS building (including central office) with a powered down device and park near the building, turn the device on and wait until the Wi-Fi symbol replaces the globe in the lower right corner of your screen. At that point sign in with the new password. It may take 30-60 seconds for the device to recognize the Wi-Fi. If you have waited at least one minute and it still hasn’t connected, please try walking closer to the front entrance of the school and try again.